Baltic Amber Pendant


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      This is a large-sized Baltic amber pendant with 21 inches 925 sterling silver chain. 1.8 inches Pendant.

      The timeless appeal that an amber necklace can carry can never go out of fashion!

      Amber is formed from fossilized tree resin. As the resin oozes down the tree, it picks up bits of plant, which gets trapped when the resin fossilized. So this very Amber stone you’ll be wearing, could be a few million years old! This pendant is from the Baltic region, which was then crafted and polished in Turkey. The sterling silver chain is hand made by Gunduz in Istanbul. Some may say this stone has healing powers! We say it’s beautiful, elegant and a fine piece of jewelry that you pass along to your generation.

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    • SKU: ICAP1010
    • Weight: 12 g